Cancellation Policy

In case of any discrepancy we can cancel any of the orders placed by you. A few reasons for cancellation from our end usually include limitation of the product in the inventory, error in pricing, error in product information, lapse of time limit (i.e Saturday of same week at 01:30 a.m), or when the loss is 10% to 80% as may be applicable in your account (as per the settings set by the customers Or as per default by system), etc. We also have the right to check out for extra information for the purpose of accepting orders in a few cases. We make sure to notify you if in case your order is cancelled partially or completely
Once you place the order, such order can be cancelled from your end before the shipping is undertaken to the destination. Once the request of cancellation for products that are not out for delivery or pending for shipping is received by us, either upon request of customer or by auto cancellation option we make sure to refund the amount through the same mode of payment within 5 working days..
Cancellation policy is applicable on smart buy, Buy back option and fully paid transactions for gold and silver coins and bars only. Cancellation of jewellery or articles is not applicable.
In case of any cancellation the gold and silver rates will be at real time price at the time of cancellation. The customer understands that the gold price fluctuates and hence realtime price will be applicatble at the time of cancellation. The customer also understands that at the time of cancellation the real time price can be lesser or higher than the price at which the booking was made for which Moore Gold is not responsible.
We don’t accept Cancellation requests for customized jewellery orders. In specific situations when the  customer wants the money back or wants to exchange it with other products, making charges of the product and stone charges, if there is any stone on the product shall be deducted from the payment and balance will be refunded back to customer account within 5 working days.
If in case the amount is deducted from your account and the transaction has failed, the same will be refunded back to your account within 72 hours.

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